Welcome to T.A.G. Art!

Living Statues

Also called living mannequins, also known as humans who can hold still REALLY well, this service will definitely make you and your guests look twice!

T.A.G. Art Company in Action

Scroll through the photos below to see our artists in action:

  • TAG Art can create a costume from scratch that fits the theme of your event!
  • Like other costumed characters, all statues come with an escort to help with on-site setup and support
  • You can speak with us about your theme, length of service time, variations on the service and however else we can enhance your event.  It's our honor and pleasure to serve with no pressure and no egos!
  • TAG Art can arrange multiple artists for any service - need a row of statues?  Maybe a variety of other talents to go with the statue? No problem!