Welcome to T.A.G. Art!


TAG Art started with a foundation in the fine arts – such as portraits, murals and specialty painting.  While we’ve expanded into a variety of commercial and entertainment services, we still love to return to our roots.  

View some of T.A.G. Art Company’s Work

Scroll through the photos below to see a small sample of our work:

  • Of course we can render a portrait of your favorite celebrity!
  • Portraits can be rendered digitally as well as on canvas or other surface.
  • Portraits can be drawn, painted, even sculpted!
  • TAG Art can replicate various styles as well as use any medium you like.
  • Portraits can (and have!) been rendered on a variety of surfaces!
  • More than one person can be rendered in a portrait - even groups of people are an option.
  • We will be happy to immortalize your pet in portraiture as well! Just check out our "custom painting" page for another example!
  • Portraits of loved ones can be rendered in any size or medium.
  • Portraits can be rendered from photographs, or we can generate loose sketches created in person at your convenience!