Welcome to T.A.G. Art!

Birthday Parties

  • Delight your daughter by surprising her with a princess at her birthday party!
  • Don't worry about the dark side, we only bring the fun!
  • Kids love making crafts with T.A.G. Art Company! And it's a fun gift for them to take home.
  • Got a fairy fan in your house?  The TAG Team has you covered!
  • Our larger than life heroes will make your little superhero the envy of all their friends!
  • Guess who loves you?  TAG Art!
  • Yeeha!  Name your theme and TAG Art will make it a reality!  But don't worry, we only specialize in conservative entertainment!
  • Some day your TAG Artist will come....
  • TAG Artists love to play - and we stay in shape to do so!

A la Carte Services

We can provide any of our services a la carte for your Birthday Party. When we say, “TAG! We’re it!” We mean that you can speak to us about any of our services, “think out loud” with us about your ideas, develop variations to our specialties to fit your needs. The list below is just a start of the services we can provide. Don’t forget, our face painters and caricature artists can attend in costume!

  • Airbrush Tattoos airbrush2We pride ourselves on being "the least of your worries" at any event. In our attention to detail, we often have customers pre-select options for their event, to avoid anything that wouldn't fit with the theme.
  • Balloon Art Service with a smile!Of course there's a lot of "pressure" in doing balloon art, but we don't let it get to us! We love what we do and it's always an honor to be of service. As with any other service, we want to enhance your event - not undermine it. When it comes to balloon twisting talent,…
  • Caricatures Capture an entire portrait of event attendeesOur loose-portrait style is preferred by kids of-all-ages and we've never had a complaint with over 500,000 caricatures drawn to date! Don't forget, our caricature artists can attend in costume or formal wear.
  • Clowns, Comedians and Mimes Our caricature artists can attend in costume or formal wearYes, some people fear clowns, which is why we can appear in a makeup-free version. Mimes make a wonderful addition to Parisian events. Our clowns, comedians, and mimes also love drawing caricatures, juggling, painting faces and more!
  • Costumed Characters Beware the dark side!Superheroes, Clowns, Princesses, Transformers, Mad Scientists, and more, we have costumed characters for every occasion!
  • Face Painting It's TAG Art's goal to make sure every guest is comfortable.  Just relax and let us do the work!Whether it’s a dainty little flower on an 8 year old’s cheek to a full transformation into the creature of your choice, "TAG! We’re it!" Don't forget, our face painters can attend your event in costume or formal wear.
  • Fortune Telling Add other characters or services to your event to complete the theme!  We have dozens of artists!Our fortune tellers never predict doom or gloom.
  • Henna Tattoo Art & Catalog Detail of Henna TattooHenna Tattoos are a fun way to add intrigue to your special event or party. Our artists can draw freehand designs or use stencils.
  • Jugglers A TAG Art juggler has a great time anywhere - and doesn't mind hanging out in the background.They make a nice conversation piece for your event and we can even offer an on-site clinic (in case you want to nurture your inner child? Just don’t expect to be able to toss around flaming chainsaws!)
  • Live Art & Performance Painting Live Art! We combine our fine arts roots with our love of entertaining to offer these unique services.We combine our fine arts roots with our love of entertaining to offer these unique services. Want a conversation piece at the reception? Have an impressionist painter on site! Trying to create “something different” for your fundraiser? Make it a show worth selling tickets to with our grand illusions of performance painting.
  • Musicians romantic-musicNeed some pleasant background jazz? How about a rock band for your reception? Maybe just a lonely guitarist on a street corner for your Busker Festival? We only work with the best so you can be sure they’ll not only show up on time, but actually do a good job!
  • Silhouettes When we're done, you can choose to have the silhouette affixed on-site in your choice of border, background or even frame!Silhouettes are timeless, classic, elegant and "something different" for your event. TAG Art can work with adults, children, even other species such as your beloved pets. You don't even need a TAG Artist on site as work can be created via special orders through the mail. We're also open to your preferences on paper…
  • Stilt Walkers Our team is comprised entirely of family-friendly professional artists.  Not only do we love children, most of the team is a parent as well!Stilt walkers are a great way to make a BIG impression! With TAG Art, you have more choices than you can shake a stilt at! If space is limited, our "unassuming" 7' characters will still create a photo op. or a "hook" for your trade show or low-ceiling event. If "the sky's the limit", then…
  • Storytellers What's better than story time with a princess?Looking for a nice touch for your reading program? How about an excellent Halloween experience? Let’s dream out loud together!